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Plants have a way of connecting people in an interesting way. Every time I smell a rose, I go back in time and remember being in the rose garden with my Gramps as he passed on his knowledge. It's been my honor to design, plant and be the steward of a number of gardens, including the ABC4 Television backyard TV set.  As a longtime broadcaster, It's always a great day when I get to visit with LaRene Bautner, the owner of Millcreek Gardens, and field produce TV garden segments wearing one of my signature fedoras. Put it all together and that's why I'm known as the #tvhatman and ...drum roll please...#TVGardenGuy.


Chances are that if you see a TV personality wearing a hat, it’s Doug Jessop.

TV Garden Guy features Doug Jessop sharing plant profiles along with gardening tips and tricks airing during a number of lifestyle TV programs.

“Everyone has a story. Stories have power. They help us understand each other.” With that mantra in mind, Doug broadcast a 30-minute collection of powerful. positive and inspirational stories & music on my weekly TV show “Jessop’s Journal” Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. on ABC4 Utah and worldwide at

"Jessop's Journeys - People, Places and Things you might not know about" air during news programming on various TV stations. Extended travel stories air nationwide in the TV show "At Your Leisure.."

If you have a private family heritage story you want remembered, but NOT on TV, Doug has introduced a custom interview service available on a limited basis. For details go to

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